The Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity is a non-profit research and public policy organization devoted to improving the world’s diet, preventing obesity, and reducing weight stigma. The Center serves as a leading research institution and clearinghouse for resources that add to our understanding of the complex forces affecting how we eat, how we stigmatize overweight and obese people, and how we can change. Learn More

Rudd Masters Roundtable

Developed in 2009 by the Rudd Foundation and Guild of Sommeliers, the program is designed to help prepare Master Sommelier candidates for the country’s most highly regarded wine exam. The top scoring student at each Advanced Sommelier Exam is awarded a scholarship and has the opportunity to take part in the Rudd Masters Roundtable annually held in Napa Valley that allows Masters Candidates to work directly with and learn from Master Sommeliers during wine tastings, demonstrations and discussions in preparation for the Master Sommelier Exam. Learn More

Rudd Center for Professional Wine Studies

In his travels, Leslie noticed food and wine industry professionals abroad exhibited pride in being life-long members of the service industry, whereas individuals in the U.S. typically had a short-term view of the industry. Seeing this dynamic, Leslie desired to give a new generation of wine professionals the opportunity to explore the dynamics of wine and pursue higher education. The Rudd Foundation was the primary benefactor of the new wine studies facility at the Culinary Institute of America’s west coast campus in St. Helena which opened in 2003. Learn More