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Rudd Scholarship Program Features

Going beyond
the dollar.

Funding is only one part of the Rudd Scholars program. Our support staff helps to equip and enrich students at every stage of their higher education journey.


It starts with a
giant check.

Representing 64 of the 105 KS counties, the Rudd Scholarship covers the gap between Federal Pell Grants and other financial aid toward costs of:

  • College tuition and fees
  • Housing and food
  • Books and supplies
  • Summer school tuition and summer housing, if advisable

But scholarship funding is only the beginning.


Stand on the
shoulders of others.

  • Personal and professional development summits
  • One-on-one meetings with Rudd Program Managers
  • Soft skills training and real world practice
  • Interview instruction, training, and advice

Build connections that matter for their career.

  • Networking opportunities in their field and beyond
  • Strategic LinkedIn coaching and best practice ideas
  • Alumni mentorship sharing knowledge, experiences, feedback, and sometimes just listening

One big Rudd
Scholar Family.

Perhaps most importantly, Rudd Scholars are surrounded by a caring and empowering community, the kind that’s hard to come by.

Rudd Scholars grow confidence from scholar-to-scholar mentoring, and the Rudd Foundation team provides help and guidance throughout. Whether students are navigating living independently, managing challenging coursework, or feeling homesick, they find support and encouragement.

Scholars program overview

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What to expect for students

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What to expect for parents

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